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Frequently Asked Questions


Why use Popupchef?

Popupchef is an Australian first online business offering the opportunity for people (referred to as clients) to create a unique experience by having their own private chef or caterer for their event. An appreciation of what can be done with food through recent cooking shows has highlighted how food can really accentuate an event as well as take the hassle out of it. Simply list your event with your specific culinary requirements and have chef’s and caterers contact you with expressions of interest. Alternatively, if you have a particular set of requirements for your event or you have had a chef recommended to you, you can search for a chef from within your dashboard.

If you are a chef and currently employed, what better way to earn some extra money.


How do I know if the chef or caterer is any good?

What a great question. There are a couple of ways. Firstly, they have a rating which is the result of how other clients have rated them in the past. They also have photos of the dishes you can judge for yourself. Lastly, you can also contact the chef/caterers to discuss their experience directly.


Who supplies the ingredients?

This is up to the event owner and the chef to agree on when they negotiate the terms of the event. When client's create the event it will help to add that kind of detail into the event description. We encourage event owners to stipulate if the budget covers the ingredients on not. Chef’s can be quite selective when it comes to ingredients and may prefer to supply themselves in order to really deliver a quality experience.


I’m a Baker and make birthday cakes for example, can I register?

Absolutely! Everyone knows how special birthdays are and what better way to celebrate than have a custom made cake for your special occasion.


What if I’m an experienced chef but not a registered business?

You can still register on the site without being a registered business. How the payment is made between the selected chef/caterer and the client is between the two parties. It is a good idea to cover this type of detail when you agree on the terms of the event. You should agree on the details of the event beforehand in order to make the experience enjoyable for both parties without any surprises.


I love the idea of making extra money – how do I improve my chances of being selected?

All great chefs know presentation is very important. This goes for your profile as well. Show off your talents and make sure you have lot’s of photos showing what glorious culinary delights you have made in the past. Clients want to see what you have done in the past so the more information you have the better your chances.


How do I become a featured chef?

You can promote yourself as a featured chef by logging in to your account and selecting the 'Feature me' option on your dashboard. Being a featured chef is a great way of promoting yourself or your business on the homepage where it will be visible to anyone visiting the Popupchef site.


I just registered with Popupchef but I can’t seem to log in to the site?

When you register, Popupchef sends you an activation email to your specified email address. You must select the activation link in the email to confirm your registration.


I did not receive the activation email?

It may be in your 'trash' or 'junk email' folder. Check there first, if you cant see the activation email send us an email at and we will contact you about confirming your account.


I’m having problems logging in?

It could be a wrong email address/password combination. You can reset your password by selecting the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the login page. We will send you a temporary password to your specified email address that you can change once your back on board.


I have registered as a chef but no one is contacting me about events?

Have you completed your profile? Clients can search on and view your profile so make sure it is always up to date. The more information you provide about yourself the more clients will see about you. Don’t forget to add menus and photos of your culinary creations to better sell yourself and your talents. All this is done from the ‘Menus’ and ‘Photos’ options from your dashboard.


I have completed an event but I have not received feedback?

Have you requested feedback from the client? Select the ‘Request a reference’ link from the event you provided your services at in the Events table in your dashboard. The client will then receive a request to provide feedback.