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What's it about?

Popupchef is the bustling online marketplace where clients and chefs/catering services meet to discuss business. It is Australia's unique culinary outsourcing and crowd sourcing service. Our aim is to connect you to a quality chef or catering service so you can spend valuable time with your guests by not having to worry about all the hassle of preparing and serving the food. At Popupchef we like to keep things really simple. We're not an agency or a recruitment service, nor do we have a direct relationship with the chefs and catering services on our site. What we do provide is direct access to a range of wonderful chefs and catering services ready to make your next event something special. Communicating through Popupchef is done through a very user friendly messaging system. It's that simple.




List your event

If you're looking for a chef or catering service start by listing an event. It's a really simple process where you provide the details of the event you are having along within information describing the type of chef or catering service required. Once you have listed your event we automatically notify chefs in your location. If you are looking for a particular chef or catering service you can search within the site to find exactly what you are looking for.


Review your personal chefs

Once you have listed your event chefs or catering services can express interest in providing their services at your event by contacting you through the internal messaging system. Through messaging you can negotiate the details of the agreement directly with all the chefs and catering services that have contacted you. You will be notified through your nominated email address when new messages have been sent to you.


Select a chef for your event

When you have found the right chef or catering service for your event, select them and we will automatically notify them that they have been selected for your event. Make sure the chef or catering service have all the information they require to ensure your event is a success!


Rate the chef and provide feedback

After the event you can rate the quality of the chef or catering service from within the site using a simple rating function. This is important as it allows other clients make an informed decision about a chef or catering service for their event or occasion. Rating a chef is really easy and takes no time at all.

Great for chefs and caterer's

Register as a chef

Our sign up process is simple. Sign up from the homepage, complete the registration and you're on board! Complete your profile as it will help clients make an informed decision when selecting a chef or catering service.

Get notified of new events

When a new event is created in your location, we will send you a notification to your registered email address to let you know. This happens on the same day as the event is listed so be sure to check in with Popupchef regularly.

Contact the client

If you are interested in providing your services at the client's event or occasion, use the internal messaging system to send them a message. If you are successful, the client will select you and you will be sent an email to your registered email address to let you know.

Chef the event

Once you have been selected for the event, organise the details with the client. Once the event is complete you can request a reference to build your reputation. Great feedback will help you get selected for more events.

Use Popupchef as your main source of income or supplement existing income with some one off events or occasions.

Grow your professional profile by getting out there and showcasing your culinary skills and talents at corporate events or personal occasions.

Take control of your work/life balance. Connect directly with clients that are having events at times that suit you. You determine the hours you work.

The average budget for an event on Popupchef is relatively high. Meaning you don't have to work long hours to live the life you want to live.

Various types of events are listed meaning your level of skill set will be in demand.